Marlin Shipping Ltd

Marlin Shipping Ltd are Shipbrokers and Chartering Agents.  We are members of  the Baltic Exchange, whose history spans more than 250 years and traces its origins back to a  coffee house - the traditional meeting place of merchants and sea captains - in the City of London.

Exchange members are at the heart of world trade, arranging for the ocean transportation of industrial bulk commodities from producer to end user.  Acting as a conduit between Owners and Charterers, to facilitate the agreement to carry or have carried goods by sea and the drawing of  contractual documents, Marlin Shipping Ltd have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth  transportation of millions of tons of raw commodities  around the globe

Our 'hands on' approach with Post fixture/operations and wide experience helps to endeavour that each contract runs as efficiently as possible.

The Baltic's motto is 'Our Word is Our Bond'  and this ethos  is  just as important in today's world of rapid and cheap communication as it ever was.